Gimme a Call, by Sarah Mlynowski

gimmeeacallDevi is unhappy. For all of high school, she’s wrapped herself up in one guy, Bryan, and he’s wrapped himself up with her. But now, he’s broken her heart and she wants nothing more than to reach back in time to warn her younger self not to get involved with him. As she’s crying at the mall, trying to return the graduation present she bought for Bryan, her cell phone slips into the fountain, and suddenly, her wish comes true. No matter what number she dials, she reaches her 14-year-old self.

Okay so I know the description of this book might sound incredibly cheesy, but I went into the book knowing it should be nothing more than a fun romp, like watching a silly movie for entertainment, not for expanding your brain. If I’d gone into this expecting anything else, I’m sure I would have been disappointed, but as it was, I had so much fun reading this! I loved the two Devis, the younger nicknamed Frosh and the older nicknamed Ivy. I loved watching how the future changed with each change that Frosh made in the past. I loved seeing these two girls learn their lesson about messing with the future, and the conclusion was highly satisfying to me. And most of all, I loved thinking about what I would tell my younger self if I happened to be able to call her.

In some ways, this was like a younger version of Alison Winn Scotch’s Time of My Life, which I also enjoyed. For some reason, these time-warping sorts of books (and movies!) just appeal to me on a fun level, even though the reasons leading up to the time travel/warp are always silly. I just enjoy the idea of bending the rules, I guess. It was fun. There’s not more I can say on that point. I just had a lot of fun reading.

I will say, though, that fluff or not, the book was definitely well written. I didn’t get distracted by formulaic or mediocre writing. This is the sort of book that can prove that a non-deep plot does not equal bad/mediocre writing. This is a lesson I myself need to realize at times, so I’m always glad when I come across a book that teaches it to me.

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