19 Varieties of Gazelle, by Naomi Shihab Nye

poetryThis small book of poetry is subtitled “Poems of the Middle East.” I first got interested in reading some of Nye’s poetry when I saw her at a poetry reading last year. I finally got this book around Christmas.

Once again, I must say I am just not a poetry person. I keep trying, all different sorts from all different time periods, and I don’t know. I just can’t read the stuff. I tried reading this one poem a day, then several a day, and when neither of those really worked, a whole bunch all at once, to try to get into a rhythm. Nothing. There were a couple poems I sort of liked, and the rest I don’t even remember. This is the third book of poetry I’ve read this year and I’m just about to throw up my hands and say never mind.

There are still three left that I want to try – Sonnets From the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the Ariel poems by Sylvia Plath, and If Not, Winter by Sappho. I will try them this year, and if none of them work out, I’m calling my exploration of poetry done.

On the plus side, my son Morrigan loves poetry, and he’s really excited about reading this book.

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