Trance, by Linda Gerber

TranceAshlyn and her older sister, Kyra, see visions of the future. They go into trances and see random glimpses of images. While they see, they write number sequences that they can’t make sense of. They’ve never been able to stop their visions from coming, or prevent the things they see from happening, not even when it came to their own mother’s death. Now that their mother is gone, their family is torn apart. Kyra disappears, and Ashlyn’s father throws himself into his work. Then, Ashlyn begins to see visions again. Without Kyra’s help, she can’t figure out what she’s seeing. All she knows is that the vision shows her someone she’s just met, and she can’t bear to lose someone else important to her.

This was a really fun book to read. I spent an afternoon curled up with this book and didn’t put it down until I was done. I loved learning a little about numerology and how it tied into the plot. I liked the characters and learning about their stories. I thought Gerber did a good job balancing the mystery and paranormal parts of the book with the grief of a family torn apart. The only part that bothered me was I hated the way Ashlyn’s father forced her to take her mother’s place: keep the house clean, pay the bills, balance the checkbook, grocery shop, manage Dad’s schedule, etc. It’s not unrealistic, but still disgusting! I was hoping Ashlyn would rebel against this, but alas, no.

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