The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde

oscar1I’m not even going to try to describe the plot of this play. It’s a three-act comedy full of mix-ups, mistaken identities, and romance. Absolutely delightful. I laughed and smiled all through it.

The only Oscar Wilde I’ve ever read before is The Picture of Dorian Gray, which I’ve read now three times. I loved it and I’m not sure why I never went out and read his plays! Recently, though, I got a hold of an edition of the complete works of Wilde, including all his stories, poetry, essays, and plays. My book club will be reading The Importance of Being Earnest for June, so I wanted to read it well in advance, to prepare.

I’d heard Wilde was funny, but I didn’t expect to be laughing out loud the whole time. He was hysterical! I absolutely loved this play. It was brilliant. I hope one day I get to see it performed live. I saw the movie years ago and barely remembered it, but the play is so wonderful. I wish it hadn’t been so short! I wanted it to just keep going. This is one I’d highly recommend to anyone!


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