Red is for Remembrance, by Laurie Faria Stolarz

redStacey is now in college and dealing with a whole new set of issues: grief about a very heavy loss in her life, a complete lack of dreams when she wants more than ever to have them, a roommate who equates the Wiccan religion with Satan worshipping, and a Wiccan wannabe who lives down the hall. Perhaps the largest new problem of all is that the university president’s daughter, Porsha, is like Stacey – she has horrible nightmares that predict the future. Everyone thinks she’s crazy, and even Porsha is beginning to believe that – until she meets Stacey.

This book confused me at the beginning, because half the chapters are told from Stacey’s POV (like the rest of the series) and half from a character named Shell’s POV. It didn’t take me long to figure out what was going on, though, and I think that was intentional. I don’t think Stolarz ever meant to hide Shell’s true identity for long. There is less mystery here and more of the characters trying to come together and make everything work. The book was a little deeper than the others, talking about tolerance and truth and religious understanding and all sorts of issues. For a series that goes on for many books like this, Stolarz really does know how to make each one of them feel different. I really appreciated that. I love how ambiguously and yet satisfying this book ends! This is the last one that I own, and I’m itching to get my hands on Black is for Beginnings, which I’ve requested from the library.

Book 1: Blue is for Nightmares
Book 2: White is for Magic
Book 3: Silver is for Secrets

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