Gift List

Current gift list, as I’m no longer keeping one on Amazon. I’ll try to keep this one as up to date as possible. These are in no particular order, with links out to where you can buy these when applicable and prices as of when I made this list. I’ve listed things like books and miscellaneous items that can be bought in many places at the bottom.

  • 50 States Photo Map (primary color = Printed Map, I don’t need a frame but if you get one, I prefer Grey) ($69 without frame)
  • Poppy Bee Photo Surfaces 2′ x 3′ surfaces ($59 each): Poppy, Neko
  • Clever Clove enamel pins: Henrietta Pumpkin, Cats and Books, and really they have a TON of cute ones! ($12 each)
  • I also love the Clever Clove stickers, which range from about $3 to $10
  • replacement wind chimes similar to these in copper (It doesn’t have to be this brand/price. Similar ones can be found at local nurseries for lower costs. This link has a button to listen, so you can hear the tone I’m after.)
  • Gift cards: Lowes, At Home, IKEA
  • Books:
    • The Second Blind Son by Amy Harmon
    • Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge
    • Tiny But Mighty by Hannah Shaw
    • The Eternal Enemy by Christopher Pike
  • Camera Supplies:
  • Artwork:
  • Miscellaneous
    • lap tray (like TV tray) with foldable legs (this version from Target is perfect, but it can be from anywhere)
    • pretty much anything related to David and Patrick from Schitt’s Creek…

Last updated: 8/21/22