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Wellness Wednesday – 23 Years

Before I start this post, I want to talk a bit about the “new” WordPress. Yesterday, WP converted me over without permission, and I lost the ability to choose the classic editor. I despise the new editor. It’s so buggy. … Continue reading

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Celebration of Life

My grandfather passed away overnight. There was no way to say goodbye in person. He didn’t want people to see him that way, but instead wanted us to remember him as he was. Those were his wishes when he was … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Toxic Headspace

Ooooooy. This week hasn’t been good. I mentioned in Friday’s post that my grandfather is in the hospital. I’ve spent an anxious few days waiting for news and trying to distract myself, which means eating too much junk food and … Continue reading

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Quarantine Diaries – Week 54

So. It’s Week 54, and there’s SO MUCH information this week that it needs its own weekly post. So here we go: Week 54, March 19 to 25. This week, we’ve arrived at 203,191 cases, 3,076 deaths, a 179 seven-day … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Enchanted Rock

Last Thursday, a few members of my hiking group leadership team and I went out to Enchanted Rock State Park. It was Jennine’s birthday, and she wanted to conquer this rock for her special day. When she mentioned her plan, … Continue reading

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The Lost Apothecary, by Sarah Penner

In the past: an apothecary named Nella dispenses poisons to select customers, helping women to rid themselves of men who have betrayed them. In the present: Caroline is alone in London on what was supposed to be her tenth wedding … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – More Little Things

It’s another of those weeks when so many little things are happening and none of them are worth a full blog post and all of them I want a record of. Perhaps my brain is just a bit scattered lately. … Continue reading

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Quarantine Diaries – Weeks 52 and 53

I feel like we’re currently in the calm before the storm. We’re hitting all sorts of record lows, or lowest-lows-in-months at least, and we’re getting people vaccinated as quickly as possible. But of course, all covid safety measures were removed … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Hikes of 2021, #17-23

Time for another round of hike-logs! 17. Both times that I’ve been out to this park now, it’s been solid fog! Today, we had rain in addition to fog, and tons of mud. Only one trail was open, and it … Continue reading

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Things My Kids Said

Last night, I was reading a really funny story about Steph the Bookworm‘s son Caleb, which I’ll let her tell on her own blog if she chooses. It made me flash back to when my boys were little, and all … Continue reading

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