Sunday Coffee – Culling Social Media

It’s time.

I first got on social media in early 2006, when I was a stay at home mom to three boys aged five and under. My job was 24/7 and I had no way of meeting people, living in a new area, and absolutely going crazy. Back then, my media of choice was MySpace, because it emphasized meeting people rather than reconnecting with people I already knew. I’m actually still friends with some of the folks I met via MySpace, and have met up with many of them in person over the years.

In late 2008, I joined Facebook, then added Twitter sometime in 2009 (?) though I haven’t used it in five or six years, and began on Instagram in the summer of 2012. Through the years, there has also been blogging (of course), and SparkPeople (which no longer exists), and more recently, TikTok (though I use it more for mindless scrolling than actual social media). And honestly, all these different platforms have gotten overwhelming.

Facebook is the big one. I really dislike FB for many reasons, and really, there are only three reasons I’m still there. First and second are two groups that I’m part of. The third is that FB carries 12-13 years of memories and photos. The photos are no big deal, really, as I keep them all on my own cloud storage as well. But the memories aren’t ones I want to lose. Still, I don’t want to continue to USE facebook. So I’m taking steps to get rid of it.

I’m not sure exactly what the plan is yet – make a private blog to post memories for each day? Download the same in journal form? Keep the account for the groups and memories, but don’t ever post on it or interact with people? I don’t know. But I want to put a plan together in the near-future, so that by my 2022-anniversary of when I joined, I’ll be off completely.

Has anyone else done this? Any advice?

PS – At present, my favorite social media is Instagram, though it’s gotten so ad-spammy lately that that may change…

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3 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Culling Social Media

  1. Kim and I just downloaded what we needed from Facebook and within a month, we were gone. I use an app called Journey for keeping memories. And a personal journal for other things. I stick with Instagram despite the ads although on the desktop version, you don’t get ads. I believe they only are on the phone.


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