The Great Bra Hunt: LacyLinen

Please see my introductory post for why I’m on a Great Bra Hunt. And feel free to skip past this post if real bra talk and related topics aren’t your thing!

Now we’re going to talk about my biggest gamble in this whole bra hunt thing. I really wasn’t sure where to look for small-brand bras. In researching, I came across an Etsy shop called LacyLinen. The shop-owner made all sorts of linen lingerie, including this “plus size bralette.” Costs started at $76 and went up from there depending on size. I ordered one in undyed white linen, size 100G/44G. The sizing came from the instructions on the etsy shop, and 44G was the largest size available, so I only barely fit into her line of bras per the measurement instructions. Cost was $88 plus shipping, for $95 total. By far the most expensive bra I bought in this process. The etsy shop was located in Lithuania and the bra was handmade, so it look quite a long time to arrive (~six weeks).

Initial Fit: I could tell on opening the package that this bra wasn’t going to be big enough. While I could wear it, the band was quite tight, and the cups were slightly too small. The bra itself appeared to be well-constructed, but it fit more like a 38F/G. I’d guess it would fit me well if I was 20-25 lbs lighter.

Dilemma: Part of the gamble in buying this bra was that it’s from an etsy shop with an individual shop-owner. The return policy of the particular shop says that returns are accepted only in undyed linen/white (which is why I chose this color), buyer is responsible for return shipping (to Lithuania), and refunds will only be processed after seller receives the return in good condition. So do I risk sending it back, paying shipping for an item that I couldn’t use, and hope that it arrives safely (weeks later) and a refund gets processed? Or do I keep it for a potential future in which in fits? It does seem to be well-constructed, and the fabric is comfortable, but there’s very little I can do to determine if it’ll work well for me when it doesn’t currently fit.

It’s a particularly frustrating situation, but in the end, I decided to opt with hope and keep the bra for future use. For now, I reserve judgement (no star rating yet). However, if you go this route, size WAY up. I used her size calculator, which already bumped me up a band size, but my sizing up to 44G wasn’t nearly enough. If you are a 42G or thereabouts like me, this is not the shop for you as it appears the bras don’t go any higher than approximately 38F/G in American sizing.

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