The Great Bra Hunt: Uye Surana

Please see my introductory post for why I’m on a Great Bra Hunt. And feel free to skip past this post if real bra talk and related topics aren’t your thing!

There are a lot of articles out there that discuss plus-size, large-cup, wireless bras. Most of them seem to think that DD is “large cup,” however. I did find one article, though, that pointed out a few brands that did really well with actual large-cup designs. Many were too expensive for me. While one day I would love to buy one of those $128 Impish Lee bras, I just can’t right now. The one from the list that fit into my budget was the Lacey Easy Fit Bralette from Uye Surana ($50).

If you look at that link, it shows what the bra looks like front and back, and shows the sliding scale for sizing, since the bra is adjustable. There’s a video included that shows women of different sizes wearing this bra, and it seemed absolutely perfect. This Lacey comes in a number of colors, but I chose the red clay version that I linked out to above.

Initial Fit: Took me awhile to figure out how to get the bra on, and to get all the straps adjusted properly. Once it was on, it fit mostly comfortably. The straps that went under my arms and up tended to flip and cause a little discomfort, but far less than other bras. (Also, no pain or chafing – just a strap that was not where I was used to.)

I had to be careful with the front photo on this one, because this bra is unlined and completely see-through. It’s beautiful and sexy and all that, but definitely not meant for public photos! I had to make sure the lighting was right to hide everything!

A Day’s Wear: Other than the weird feeling of that one strap being right under my armpit, I hardly noticed the bra on the first day I wore it. I expected to find myself in another uniboob situation by the end of the day, but it held me right in place exactly as it initially fit. The straps didn’t loosen throughout the day, either. While it didn’t have much lift support, I didn’t experience any back/shoulder pain or pulling, nor neck pain from the racerback style. Taking it off was a lot easier than expected, just pulling it over my head, and the straps didn’t move from their adjusted placement even then.

Longer Wear: Since the straps don’t adjust/move when I pull the bra off, it’s easy to pull the bra back on and get into place day after day. I don’t believe I’ve ever found a bra with adjustable straps that didn’t loosen over time, but these don’t. They’re very well-built! Furthermore, I’ve never had a uniboob situation arise while wearing this, even if it’s on for much longer than normal, nor have I had any pain or chafing. It’s quite comfortable, and I’m getting used to the weird feeling of the strap in an odd place (which got better when I decided to loosen those straps slightly). On the downside, because the bra is sheer and unlined, it does little in the way of keeping nipples invisible, which makes me more self-conscious. (Maybe there’s a product I can find to help with that? Customized lining or something?) Because of the high lay of the front lace, I wouldn’t wear this so much with thinner-strapped/low-cut shirts, unless the color matched the bra well enough. Red Clay would clash with, say, baby blue. Though sometimes – see photo – a little clash can be nice!

Bonus: The bra is highly customizable with three adjustable straps, so will be wearable for a long time whether I go up/down in size. Also, the company uses a range of models with diverse bodies (people of color, trans, different sizes/shapes, etc), and the products are ethically-sourced and -produced.

Verdict: The sheer factor isn’t my favorite – I’d prefer if this was lightly lined so that I didn’t feel quite so naked in it – but otherwise, I love this bra. My initial feelings were that it had limited practicality in my wardrobe as I would only wear it with thicker fabrics that gave me a bit more personal privacy. However, with regards to self-consciousness and body issues, I’ve worked hard to stretch myself in many aspects (hey, look at me posting photos of myself in bras!), and the more I’ve worn this bra, the less self-conscious I’ve been. So when the same bra popped up in Rosewood, I decided to get myself a second one. How’s that for endorsement? I didn’t even wait until the rest of my bra-trial-orders arrived. Even if another company/style ends up being great, this one is still pretty great too, and I’d like to have a couple in rotation. Four (perhaps 4.5) stars.

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2 Responses to The Great Bra Hunt: Uye Surana

  1. Michelle says:

    To be fair, this is a bralette and not a bra. Bralettes, by design, are meant for minimal coverage and support, intended to provide support and coverage for those not comfortable going braless but not looking to wear a bra either.


    • Amanda says:

      Of course! Like I said, this is a bralette, and I’m not expecting it to be the same as a bra (wireless or wired). My issue was the discrepancy between the photos on the website vs the reality, which I’ve found in everything from wired bras to bralettes. I may have chosen not to get this bra – or to get a different color – if I’d known it was completely see-through. I have plenty of other bralettes now that are not. But on the other hand, like I said here, I ended up loving this bra to the point of getting a second (which, notably, is less sheer).


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