March in Review

March was one crazy month! Good points and bad points, but overall it was a good one. To wrap it up:

The big goal I completed this month was that color-block afghan. I’m very happy for that to be done! Otherwise, I’ve been focused mostly on my health goals, which I’ll go into next.

This was always going to be a difficult one for March. Birthday-month means lots of celebration food, and it’s very hard for me to get out to exercise during spring break. Landscaping the front yard didn’t help since it threw off routines and often interfered with getting nutritious food on the table. To cap it all off, the pollen counts were so high this month – due to a rainy winter – that I came down with bronchitis twice. I did my best, however, and I made some real progress for the first time in ages. Yay! Highlights:

  • exercised on 23 days, for a total of 1420 minutes (23 hr 40 mins)
  • 21 yoga sessions
  • 42 miles walked (about half outdoors)
  • averaged 9600 steps per day
  • tracked calories almost every day this month, and kept my macronutrient ratios steady and my sugar levels mostly low
  • only drank alcohol once, early in the month (alcohol makes me hold on to weight, and it increases my appetite, so I decided to spend some time without it)
  • increased my produce intake and the variety of produce I was eating

All this progress means that I finally saw some results in my weight! I’m down 3.6 lbs this month, with inches lost on many of my measurements, and my Happy Scale tracker is showing a slow, steady downward trend for the first time in ages! The biggest non-scale victory I saw involved a dress I wore both at Laurence’s birthday party on 3/10 and to an online murder mystery birthday party on 3/31. While the measuring tape claims that my bustline hasn’t changed in inches, the dress was difficult to zip up on the 10th and had plenty of room to zip on the 31st. Jason was zipping it and he noticed the huge difference too – this is real progress, my friends! Now to just keep it up!

It was a mixed bag for books in March. I read seven, including three that I loved, three that were middle-of-the-road books, and one I really disliked. It was the first month in quite some time that I finished a book I wasn’t liking, and I wish I hadn’t. Ah well. At least the three books I loved were all just excellent. I had a hard time narrowing down a favorite, but I think that honor has to go to Children of Blood and Bone.

Highlights of March
Illness made the month rough in some ways, but generally this was a very good month:

(me and Nat)

• My friend Natalie – one of my oldest friends in the world – came to spend some time with me over spring break!
• I met Robert Jackson Bennett at the SAPL Pop Con!
• Multiple birthdays, of course, including my own
• Morrigan took his first SAT test and got a score of 1570 (out of 1600)!!
• Laurence auditioned and earned a part in the spring play at his school. He’s playing Mr. Darling in Peter Pan.

(my mystery character – Genoa Jackson)

• Morrigan applied, interviewed, and was selected to be part of a team of six San Antonio students to visit Kumomoto, our sister city in Japan, for a short study abroad program this summer!
• Jason surprised me by booking passage on a cruise in September! It’ll be the first just-us vacation we’ve had since 2014!
• We finally finished repairing and repainting the leak damage in our kitchen.\
• Major progress made on landscaping the front yard
• Murder mystery birthday dinner for my brother-in-law’s girlfriend in Wisconsin (via computer for those of us who couldn’t attend in person)

General first-quarter recap
There have been a lot of hiccups in the last three months: illnesses, a death in the family, the sudden leak in the roof that created a lot of sudden construction and monetary needs on the house…but really, despite all that, I feel very positive about 2018 so far. I’ve been working really hard on my 2018 word – Cultivate – to create a life that I love. My boys are making progress, my house is coming along, my health is finally getting in alignment, Jason is enjoying his job, I have a new cat to care for (in more ways than one – see tomorrow’s post!), our finances have improved drastically, and I have the tiniest hope that I might start writing again soon. It feels like the start of something wonderful, like the seeds I’ve been planting are finally starting to blossom just a little.

Up next in April!
Easter (more on this tomorrow), driver’s ed for Morrigan, college visits, Readathon, a possible new cat…lots of fun stuff happening, which will hopefully counterpoint my normal April depression. Our weather always turns definitively toward the six months of summer in April and that affects my mood as I get used to it. I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t be too bad this year.

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7 Responses to March in Review

  1. Alexx's Keto Avenue says:

    Wow, I can’t tell you how proud I am of you! You have really done a phenomenal look at all those inches and weight that you have lost and despite the roof and other things that weren’t so great you managed to keep tracking and working out and doing your yoga and all! You are truly inspirational my friend and I am so very thankful for your example! You’re going to have a fantastic April and summer, nothing can stop you not even


  2. Michelle says:

    Holy cow, woman! Look at all of that good stuff. And 1570 on the SATs?!? I would be shouting that to the rooftops if that were my child. I hope the trend continues, my friend, and that April is even better for you on all fronts!


    • Amanda says:

      I’m so proud of him! And he’s really excited because it’ll help him for scholarships and stuff. You know all the things he’s gone through and he’s really starting to make real improvement – his therapist has been wonderful for him this time around!

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. Exercised on 23 days? whoa. That’s impressive. Congratulations…and only once on alcohol? You go…what was the book that you disliked? So I can avoid too. 🙂 Oh, your yard…would love to see photos sometime…of course, you might have been sharing on Instagram and I just missed too. I’ll be doing the Readathon too. Already have some poetry books that I’ll probably wait to read until then.


    • Amanda says:

      The book I disliked was Killman Creek (follow-up to Stillhouse Lake). I really enjoyed the first one so disliking the second was unfortunate! As for the yard, I have put some photos up on Instagram and will likely put up another today, plus there will be a picture of our weekend progress on Wednesday’s post this week. I’ve been trying not to show too much on the blog until real progress has been made, hah.


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