Sunday Coffee – Bountiful (2)

coffeeWell. I had no idea when I typed up last week’s Bountiful post that this would be another very bountiful week! I admit to being quite grateful for it, as it’s also been a kinda wretched week in other ways, including sickness in the house, prolonged ankle pain, medicinal withdrawal side effects, and feeling rather vague as to direction now that I’m starting over in a lot of ways. But I don’t want to talk about the negatives. I’d rather focus on the small (and large) happinesses that came my way this week.

09 ipsyThey began on Monday. My September Ipsy glambag arrived! This month, unlike last month, I loved nearly everything I received. The brow powder did me no good – my eyelashes are so thick and dark that even the darkest powder made no change – but the eyeliner and eye shadow were both amazing. The body lotion was a bit overpowering in coconut scent, and I prefer to keep using my cocoa butter. The moisturizer, on the other hand, was quick-absorbing and smelled amazing, like Fruity Pebbles, ha! Since my cocoa butter smells like Cocoa Pebbles, I’m a fully-Pebbled person right now, heehee. Additionally, my kitty loved the smells, the colors worked really well for my skin tone, and I got this great collage of makeup-me and purring-kitty out of all this:

09 joykitty

couchLater that same evening, our couch finally arrived. Couch saga: We got rid of our old couch before moving back. We bought a lovely chaise-sofa and matching armchair when we arrived. The sofa broke within a week (literally one of the internal beams split in two). We brought it back and exchanged it. A few days later, the new sofa broke in exactly the same way. Obviously, this was a design flaw. We took sofa-and-armchair back to the store for full refund, and we shopping again. We picked out a rocker armchair/recliner and a couch, but both were on back-order and had to be shipped. The rocker arrived at the end of August, but the couch didn’t arrive until this past Monday. We were without living room furniture for over a month! I am quite happy to be with-furniture again, I admit, and the cute throw-blanket we found at the thrift store matches the new couch quite well!

tvThe living room is looking quite complete now. Even more so with the addition of a new TV. This was a surprise for me that Jason brought home a few days ago. Our old TV was very small, and that’s always been okay. We didn’t need a larger one, by any stretch of the imagination. But the boys kept talking about wishing we had one larger for playing Mariocart and Super Smash Bros and all the rest of their Wii games, and we’ve been enjoying a lot of NCIS and Downton Abbey and various movies, so Jason wanted to give us all a nice treat. (So sweet of him!) The little TV moved to my bedroom dresser, and the big TV now frames the corner of the room.

09 candleAdditionally, he brought home a few little seasonal treats for me on the day when I was feeling awful. An owl-shaped Tuscany candle with “monster cookie” scented wax now sits in my living room. A red-and-gold paisley tablecloth (that the kitten keeps dragging off the table, ha!) brightens the dining room. It’s looking quite cozy and autumn-like here, despite the still-high temps. I love it. 🙂

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10 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Bountiful (2)

  1. Megan says:

    Sounds like a nightmare with the couches! Glad to see you’ve finally got a sturdier one. My dad brought me a nice new smart TV shortly after I broke my ankle, and it’s been a lifesaver. I bought one before I moved, but alas, it arrived with a big crack across the bottom of the screen, so here’s to finally having the replacements for the all the broken stuff, right? LOL!

    Hope this week is a healthier one!


  2. Jen says:

    I love that owl candle!


  3. Couch looks good…we need to get a new couch here eventually. Right now we’re at least getting rid of half of our old one during our borough’s clean up week (have yard sales the week before and then they took larger items, such as couches, to the dump for us).


    • Amanda says:

      We have large-item pickup in a couple months (they do it twice per year, and twice per year brush pickup, so something goes every quarter), though thankfully so far all the larger items we’ve replaced have been swapped out, so we don’t have a lot cluttering up the garage right now. I’m assuming that when you say you’re getting rid of half your couch, you mean that it’s sectional. Ha! 😀


  4. Michelle says:

    Very nice! That owl candle rocks!!


  5. Beth F says:

    We need a new sofa too, but haven’t gotten around to doing the shopping.


    • Amanda says:

      Our old one was quite a nice couch, but we’d gotten it secondhand, and the frame was bent. That was six years ago. It was extremely heavy and bulky, so it was actually less expensive to give it away on Craig’s List up north and get a new one down here.


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