Sunday Coffee – April Showers

IMG_0217April can pretty much be split into two categories, book-wise. First, there was the four books that I read that were written by Maggie Stiefvater. Then, there were the four books not written by Maggie Stiefvater. It was an accidentally Stiefvater-heavy month, between re-listening to The Dream Thieves and reading the entire Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy.

For the first time this year, though, my favorite read of the month was not nonfiction. Neverwhere took that honor, made even better by attending a lit conference with my friend Stephanie where she discussed the book at some length. I did have some nonfiction in the mix, too, and both – a PTSD memoir and a history of the world through Islamic eyes – were very good. Actually, I enjoyed all of my books this month, and y’all? That’s pretty fantastic. I love it when that happens!

April was also a super-busy month for me. Between Easter, four mini-vacations during spring break, having Stephanie come to visit twice, and meeting with various friends for dinners and lunches, I didn’t have much time for anything else! I got much less done on the school-and-writing side of things, though I’m surprised that I got as much done as I did. Two more chapters added to my manuscript, plus some edits and revisions on earlier chapters. And in my paralegal studies, I finished all the assignments for my contract law substantive course (essay, employment contract, exam) and passed with a 99%, woohoo! And I almost managed to get through the next level of my Rosetta Stone Spanish (should finish soon).

Then there was, of course, my personal project of the month, Operation Girly-Girl. I wrote the other day how that came out.

To be entirely honest, April had so much stuffed into it that it’s still a blur to me. I have yet to truly gain some perspective. I probably traveled, socialized, and read way too much. I certainly didn’t study or write enough! But in the end, I really enjoyed all the things I did, and while I’m looking forward to some downtime in May, I don’t regret anything I pushed myself to do in the last month.

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4 Responses to Sunday Coffee – April Showers

  1. Trisha says:

    April was quite the busy month for you. I have to catch up on your posts since April was a busy month for me as well and I didn’t get much blogging time in.


  2. April really was a blur, wasn’t it? 😉 Busy months tend to do that! I really enjoyed Irritable Hearts a lot. It was a tough read, but good. I hope you have a fantastic May!


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